Awnings for Wall/Wedge Tents

Awnings for Wall/Wedge Tents


Adding an awning to your tent produces a new area that will quickly
become your favorite space. The roof over your head keeps the weather at
bay, while the openness keeps you in contact with the event around you.
We have found over the years that people sleep in their tents but
“live” under their awnings.
We construct awnings to work with the wall tents but they will work
with any tent or all by themselves. They are cut and built as the roof
of a wall tent would be, with double hemmed edges, turned back eaves
with loops at each seam, and a reinforced peak with both a loop and tie
tape for security. We suggest ordering an awning at least one panel
(approx. 3′) longer than your expected needs if you intend to overlap
your tent. We suggest buying an awning a bit larger than you think you
need as this is the space where you will spend most of your time.


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12'9" x 8'6", 12'9" x 11'3", 12'9" x 14', 12'9" x 16'10", 12'9" x 21', 12'9" x 24', 15'4" x 8'6", 15'4" x 11'3", 15'4" x 14', 15'4" x 16'10", 15'4" x 19'8", 15'4" x 22'4", 15'4" x 25'6", 18'2" x 8'6", 18'2" x 11'3", 18'2" x 14'


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