Awnings for Rectangular Marquees

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Awnings for Rectangular Marquees


Shade should be available to everyone and marquee owners do not have to be the exception! For years, folks dwelling in marquees have requested an awning for shade and rain protection. Looking back into history was no help; there are no period drawings showing a marquee and awning combined. Add to that the problem of marquees being all hip roofs with water run off and the design ideas become limited. We realized we would have to go to our own drawing board for a solution.

In order to eliminate rain run off we start the awning at the ridge line. The awning pitches from the ridge line out past the walls to two poles supporting an eve. The edges pitch off to the sides. This allows all the weather which would normally land on the roof on that side of the tent to now strike and run off the awning. Rain flows down the awning and off both sides leaving a wonderfully dry area at and directly in front of the door.


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8'6" x 11'3", 8'6" x 14', 8'6" x 16'10", 11'3" x 14', 11'3" x 16'10", 11'3" x 19'8", 14' x 16'10", 14' x 19'8", 14' x 22'6", 14' x 25'4"


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