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Tentsmith’s Customer Testimonials


by Folks Who Paid Their Hard Earned Money for One

This page is dedicated to the people who took the time from their busy lives to send us a “thank you”.  We work hard to research and construct tents but owners work hard also so it’s nice to know they received at least what they were expecting.  Please look through their words to get a better idea of what to anticipate when you open your new box of canvas.

Deborah: I had a very pleasant day yesterday and enjoyed meeting you folks at Tentsmiths. Everything is outstanding. The 5th NHV bought a Sibley Tent from you folks and it has seen a lot of New Hampshire and Virginia. I am so impressed with the Mahogany Tent Poles, I coated them with a coat of Linseed Oil today, as soon as they dry I will wax them, they will look like a fine piece of furniture.

Many thanks for a quality product and outstanding Customer Service.

James Feindel



Dear Peter and Deborah,

I’ve just gotten back from the desert and just wanted to write you quickly and thank you. I expected something special but what you sent was much more than that; it was a real work of art, obviously extremely well-made, beautiful and totally unique in a city of 60,000 tents. Also you all were totally right about all your suggested aspects of the design — other people’s flat-sided camps had trouble in the wind but our conical held up just fine, and for the hot days having the double doors to let air through was super helpful. When I get my pictures uploaded I’ll send you a shot of it in situ!

Thanks again,





To the people of Tentsmiths,

The results are in. Your tent has gotten the thumbs up from my Captain and many others. Everyone asks where I got it….Tentsmiths of course! And the ticking mattress kept me comfortable…..even at 28 degrees F! Sorry…didn’t get a good photo yet…when in uniform can’t be seen with a camera. But will try ! Thanks for the QUALITY equipment…… all is working out quite well! Keep up the great work!

Mark E.A.Ziemba




Deborah & Peter,

I just came inside the house from napping in my wall tent. It’s set up in our back yard in a lightly protected location, and has been standing in the wind for 3 solid days. I am 65 years old. I have been camping for 54 years. This is euphoria. I have never owned a TENT THIS WELL MADE, or beautifully designed.

Thanks. I’ll send a picture, when I can. Please use me for a reference, any time you like.
Al Gentry


My fly arrived today. It’s just marvelous!!!!!!! Very, very nice work. I’ll have it out and up tomorrow as a practice run for the Manassas event.
The bags for the stakes and fly were certianly a suprize!!! That just sets you apart from the common sutler. It shows that you take great pride in your work and insures your products get the proper care they deserve.
I will spread your name (and catalog) all over the up coming event. Be assured,I’ll be back for more. The wife is eyeing up a wall tent already.
Thanks again for keeping me in the shade,
Chris Heran
New Jersey


Good morning.
Great Tent.
I used my new tent this weekend
it stormed, rained buckets, no leaks, no mist.
the tent’s construction is the best I have seen
many people looked at the tent and wished they had ordered from you. one dealer already buys your tents.
this tent is a wonder, it is a work of art and function.
thanks much!!!
Keith Onstad


Dear Tentsmiths,
I, and all of the members of The Order of the Azure Rose, wish to offer our thanks and gratitude to you and to Tentsmiths for your outstanding customer service and superior products. We will be enjoying our new pavilion for years to come as we make use of it in our performances and demonstrations. Feel free to share this email with all of the hard-working team members at Tentsmiths; they deserve to know what a great product they produce, and that their labors are appreciated by their customers.
Sheri Mathes, Secretary/Treasurer, The Order of the Azure Rose, Colorado



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