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Everything needs an acronym so we present the FVSSS, our “Ferrous Vertical Support and Suspension System” designed and constructed for any cellulose based, vertical, skeletal tent structure with a protruding pin no larger than 3/8″ diameter. These finely engineered “hangers” may be placed in service to keep clothing from the floor of your tent, swords displayed or longarms raised from the dampness. Our longtime blacksmith has been using his valuable free time to cut, bend, and tease boring flat iron into beautiful shapes to lovingly lift and protect your possessions. Don’t wait, order quickly, he can only make an unlimited number of FVSSSs.

Available in sizes from 3″ to 9″ long. (The 5″ will fit the wrist of a long rifle or carbine). With a 7/16″ hole for placement over a pole pin.

$7.50 each / 5 for $30


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