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Blanket Roll Covers / Ground Cloths

Our unique covers are designed and made to keep you and your blankets very dry even in a driving rain. They are constructed as a tube with an open end. Yes, you crawl in from the end, not the side, as is the usual way. This design eliminates the totally open side. A boxed foot area gives plenty of room for large feet and seven foot length fits most folks. At the head end we provide a large pocket area that can be stuffed to become a pillow on the good nights or, turned inside out, can completely seal you away from the weather. Although being in this cocoon takes a bit of getting used to, the security of knowing you will be dry, adds a great deal too any outing.

REGULAR BLANKET ROLL 32″ x 84″ ~ $70
WIDE BLANKET ROLL 42″ x 84″ ~ $80


More versatile while being less weatherproof, the GROUND CLOTH is simply a flat piece of canvas with ties around three sides to securely close.

REGULAR GROUND CLOTH 64″ x 84″ ~ $70
WIDE GROUND CLOTH 84″ x 84″ ~ $80

Bedrolls and Ground Cloths can be made from our  13 oz. Tan Sunforger Fabric.

This makes into a bedroll that will not show up as much in the woods.

Just request it when ordering.

WEIGHTS:     13 OZ. TAN SUNFORGER FABRIC                                                          WIDE BEDROLL  5.4lbs                                                                                                       REGULAR BEDROLL  4 lbs

10.10 OZ. OFF WHITE SUNFORGER                                                                           WIDE BEDROLL  4.8  lbs                                                                                                   REGULAR BEDROLL  3.4 lbs

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