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World War II German Staff Tents (STABSZELT)

Many years ago a reenactor arrived at the shop almost begging us to help him acquire a tent for his WWII German impression. Weeks later an original German Staff tent arrived, the owner letting us fondle, photo and record our observations. The first WWII tent we offered is still in great demand.

German Staff Tent

We now have access to a great German source of tent (zelte) information. The two tents dimensioned here are but a start. Keep your eyes open on the web pages to see a great many more of this basic design offered in the near future.

World War II German Staff Tent (STABSZELT)

A quick look at original photographs show this design with a camo finish. It appears the camouflage was paint added after the tents were constructed (but we can’t prove it yet). Our Staff tents are available in either a light tan or grey. (Neither color is flame resistant) Windows, constructed of plastic, are placed in side walls and in the rear wall. Toggles for door closures and window flaps complete the construction.

World War II German Staff Tent (STABSZELT)

Offered at $875.00 Large / $785.00 Small  10.10 OZ. TAN SUNFORGER 0R 13 OZ. GREY  OR SUNTAN SUNFORGER


Research Source: Original Specifications

Large Staff Tent

  • 8’6” Width/ 8’6” Length
  • 6’8” Height/ 55” Walls
  • One door
  • Two windows in sides ( opening is 17″ x 17″)
  • One window in rear  (opening is 12″ x 12″)
  • Ropes~  $4.32
  • Stakes~  $70
  • Poles~  $202
  • Rope Tensioners~  $24
  • 15 oz. Poly-Cotton Floor w/ Flame Finish (Beige)  $97
  • Weight w/ Screen Windows ~~~  32 lbs
  • Weight w/ Plastic Windows ~~~  35 lbs
  • Set of Poles for Large Staff Tent ~~~  51 lbs / 103″

Small Staff Tent

  • 5’ Width/ 6’6” Length
  • 6’9” Height/ 51” Walls
  • One door
  • Two windows in sides
  • One window in rear
  • Ropes~  $4.32
  • Stakes~  $67
  • Poles~  $170
  • Rope tensioners~  $24
  • 15 oz. Poly-Cotton Floor w/ Flame Finish (Beige)  $50
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