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World War II Tents

We have been building replica historic tents for over twenty-five years. Our reputation for high quality tents built with meticulous attention to construction techniques has placed us in a position to work with museums around the world. We have provided tents for movie sets and to add life to a number of television productions. Re-enactors have trusted our tents to keep them dry in every type of weather condition and to convey the look and feel of the era and region of their particular interest.

World War II

On the following pages you will find our offering of tents specifically built for WWII re-enactors, movies and museums. While we have been building some of the German tents for many years, other tents have arrived on our scene in only the last couple of years. Even today we are adding new/ old tents almost monthly as we complete the research and find the time to build prototypes. There are at least four more German tents we hope to add this year, along with British tents, the Large U.S. Wall Tent and the U.S. Pyramid. The ubiquitous Pyramid seems to appear in every other photo of U.S. service personnel using tents in WWII. We have held off producing the Pyramid until we are sure we can do it correctly but we are sure it will be offered in the near future. Remember, patience is a virtue!

World War II

Please note, you are looking at pages of tents, we also build awnings, tent shades and many other shelter pieces from canvas. If you are looking for anything not shown here please contact us for availability and pricing. Some items may be standard and added to our website, others may be custom but all should be no problem if you inform us of your needs.

World War II

We hope you find the tent you are looking for at a price that is fair and not beyond your reach. We build all of the tents on the following pages right here in Conway, New Hampshire, U.S.A. We proudly offer tents we believe will last for many years of re-enacting. Everyone at Tentsmiths looks forward to the opportunity to be of service.

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