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Whelen Tents

Whelen TentColonel Townsend Whelen designed a tent he called the “Hunters lean-to Tent” in 1925. David Abercrombie (of Abercrombie and Fitch fame)manufactured the style and marketed it as the “Whelen lean- to”. It has been called the Whelen ever since.

Colonel Whelen was a devout minimalist, hardly believing in tents for shelter at all. He wished to be as close to his natural surroundings as was possible and practical. The Colonel considered this design, which almost has the appearance of half a tent, more than adequate for anything short of -20 degrees or severe bugs. A sloped rear roof, slanted and splayed sides, and a short fore roof panel is nothing more than a specialized tarp. Light and easy to pack. Loops on back seams for roping out if the need comes up.

Available in 13 oz. Tan Sunforger Fabric ~~~ $295   Weighs / 17 lbs

Whelen Tent

Whelen Tents


Sunforger Flame

approx. 8’ Wide x 8’ 6” Ridge, Overall length 12’ x
5’ Height  /   Weighs 14 lbs



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