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Viking Tents

Viking TentA replica of the tent taken from the Gokstad ship is the oldest tent that we currently manufacture. Although it is the oldest, it is one of the best documented. A set of tent frames was found

aboard the buried ship when she was raised from her burial site. The frame shows a very elaborate carving set of dragon heads atop each outside support. The tent was suspended from this pole and frame system which allows it to be moved about without dismantling.

The original tent was a very long 17′ by 14′ wide and 11′ tall. Our version is scaled down for ease of transporting and more general use, but can adhere to the original dimensions if requested. The Viking tent has a second door for greater ventilation and versatility. It’s the perfect tent for your next SCA event or to set up on deck of your 70′ Viking ship! Drawings of the dragon pole carvings are easily found when you goggle “Viking Poles”.

Poles are not included.


Width / Length Height Sunforger-Flame
10’ x 11’ 3” 8’          $740.
14’ x 17’ 11’         $1,105
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