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Sutler Wedge Tents

We have modified the wedge tent to add a much higher degree of versatility. The addition of a door to both ends allows the tent to be opened for ventilation or the lifting of one complete side. Raising one side allows a merchant the ability to offer wares, yet be able to close down quickly in stormy weather or securely at night. When used with a wall tent or another wedge, the Sutler encourages sales from one area and domestic living in another.

It is also the perfect shelter for those folks longing for the ability to sit facing your campfire for warmth without being trapped in an exposed area when a blowing storm comes up. Drop the wall, tie the doors shut, and weather that storm in dry comfort.

Sutler tents come with mud flaps completely around the base of the tent. One door at each end may be tied to the pole and the overlapping door reinforcements may be secured both inside and out. We include ties at each end to roll the doors out of the way when the wall is lifted or when you want major ventilation with the wall down.

Sutler Wedge Tent

Prices are for canvas only.  All poles, stakes, ropes and dog bones are priced separately.

Width x Length x Height Sunforger Sunforger Flame
6′ X 8’6″  x 5′ $405 $440
8’6″ x 8’6″ x 7′ $475 $525
8’6” x 11’3” x 7′ $525 $590
10’ x 11’3” x 8′ $590 $660
10’ x 14’ x 8′ $770 $850
14′ x 14′ x 9′ $890 $930

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