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Square Marquees

Marquee Half Walls

Square Marquees are just the ticket for the vendor who wants to erect a selling space that is easy to set up by one person. Built the same as our Rectangular Marquees with the use of perimeter poles every three feet, brass snap hooks and “D” rings to support the walls and a weatherproof valance around the inside eaves.  Mud flaps are included on all marquees, (10″ wide).   Optional ties to drop your wall half way down. The use of one pole in the center simplifies your interior and gives a nice symmetrical feel to your selling space.

Square Marquee Tent

Walls are available in three different heights for your choice of walk under height for customers. With many great trim colors to choose from and finials to finish the eaves, this is a great tent to make your own for selling or living!

Square Marquee

Width/Length Roof/Rise Wall Sunforger Sunforger-Flame
11’3″ x 11’3″‘ 4′ 6′ $860 $960
11’3″ x 11’3″‘ 4′ 6’6″ $910 $1,010
11’3″ x 11’3″‘ 4′ 7′ $950 $1,050
14′ x 14′ 5′ 6′ $1,090 $1,190
14′ x 14′ 5′ 6’6″ $1,155 $1,255
14′ x 14′ 5′ 7′ $1,210 $1,310
16’10” x 16’10” 5’6″ 6′ $1,350 $1,455
16’10” x 16’10” 5’6″ 6’6″ $1,415 $1,525
16’10” x 16’10” 5’6″ 7′ $1,490 $1,605
19’8″ x 19’8″ 5’6″ 6’6″ $1,755 $1,900
19’8″ x 19’8″ 5’6″ 7′ $1,825 $2,010


Roof Vent $95 Ties at the 1/2 way points add 4%
Extra Doors $45 ea. Segmented Mud Flaps add 6%

Square Marquee tent with awning

Prices are for canvas only.  13 oz. Sunforger Flame Canvas Available  ADD:  20%

All poles, stakes, ropes and dog bones are sold separately.

Get in touch with us about what you would like, we will reply with a quote.

Dimensions above are usual finished sizes.

Please specify Trim Style & Color when ordering.

Square Marquee Tent with Awning

Marquee Awnings
 Length of Awning 9’ Flap Trim
8’ 6”              $160 $63 $74.25
11’ 3”            $200 $84 $82.50
14’                $240 $105 $90.75
16’10”           $280 $126 $99.00
19’ 8”            $320 $147 $104.50
22’ 4”            $370 $168 $112.75


Marquees are a great space to sell from. Opening a wall shows off your wares and gives potential customers increased access. Lifting one of those walls adds rain and sun resistance to the entrance of your store. But lifting a wall, turning it into an awning and then returning it to a wall to close off your store can get pretty old after a couple of days and varying weather patterns.

Square Marquee Dunn

Deborah has solved that problem. After listening to many customers over the years she has come up with a simple, elegant solution, the “Vendor Awning”. This awning is completely independent of the walls so you may control the entry into your marquee with your walls and the weatherproofness overhead with your awning.

The Vendor Awning is a system. Best added when we are building your marquee roof (but any square or rectangular marquee is retrofittable) we add a narrow shingle of fabric along the eave of your roof. This shingle is sewn at the top edge so the rain will run over the shingle. The shingle overlaps the grommets for your pole pins so we add grommets at each of those positions for the pole pins to pass through. We also add a strip of velcro to the underside of the shingle (unseen). You’ll see why…

Square Marquee Awning

That’s the tent preparation, the Awning itself is (usually) the width the tent side and 8’6” from the eave outward. We add grommets to the outside edge for the placement of poles and grommets to the inside edge to go over the existing pole pins in the tent’s perimeter. We also add the matching piece of velcro to the top inside edge.

Setup is simple. Set up the marquee without the pins passing through the Vendor shingle. Drop the awning over the pins, slide the edge up under the shingle, attach the velcro and place the shingle grommets over the pole pins. Add perimeter poles and guylines to the outside edge of the awning and it’s ready for weather. Use tall poles for sun shade and add weather resistance by lowering the poles when things get ugly.

Your walls will still work completely independently underneath. The awning protects your goods, your customers and your event, allowing your store to stay open even in bad weather.


Some clients have replaced the simple steel perimeter pole pins they use on their marquees with threaded rod glued in place and finial with a matching threaded nut in the base. The finial is placed over the shingle to ensure there is never a wind strong enough to lift their awning. Pretty cool idea.

Square Marquee with Awning

Pole Instructions
Setup Instructions

FLOORS ~ Even on a dry day, and especially at night, moisture rises from the ground into your tent. Canvas floors breathe too much and plastic sheeting is quite noisy. We began with a 15 oz. woven poly-cotton fabric, treated it with a flame-retardant, and applied a vinyl finish for a vapor-barrier. Our flame-retardant, vapor-barrier floors add a great deal to the comfort level of your tent. Send for a sample piece if you want to see and feel it!!!

11’3″ x 11’3″ $216
14′ x 14′ $338
16’10” x 16’10” $486
19’8″ x 19’8″ $600
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