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Sibley Tents

Sibley TentsTaken directly from the patent granted to Sibley in 1856, this tent offers no compromises. We have followed Mr. Sibley’s original wishes for his conical tent, building it with the correct 18 foot diameter and 12 foot height. A 9 foot door in front and half door in back allow full ventilation, especially when the rain cap is left off the 18 inch open top.

Sibley tents were designed to be held up by a single pole standing in a metal tripod. An iron reinforcement in the top opening was suspended with chains from the pole.

We build our Sibley the same way, with the steel rings in the peak and plenty of reinforcements to make the tent last. Included is a rain cap as described by Mr. Sibley. We also now supply the tent with the proper disk and 6 chains for the pole support.

Sibley’s were quickly modified with the addition of 4 foot walls. While the walls add a huge amount of walk around, useable room to the inside, the guy lines needed add to the “footprint” camp space.  Sibley’s are finished without mud flaps.

Option:  With Mud Flaps ~~~ Add $135



18′ DIAMETER / 12′ HEIGHT~~ 10.10 OZ SUNFORGER FLAME~~ $1,075

12’ (3X3) OCTAGON POLE,   SLEEVED    $145

STAKES:  26 Large @ 3.50



18′ DIAMETER / 16′ HEIGHT~~10.10 OZ. SUNFORGER FLAME~~ $1,485

16’ (3X3)  OCTAGON POLE, SLEEVED      $180

STAKES:  26 Large @ 3.50

26 Small @ 3.00

DOG BONES:   26 @ $1.50 = $39

ROPE:  ¼” Manila Rope  26 @ 8’ ( 208’ x .09 ) = $18.72

15 oz. Poly-Cotton Floor w/ Flame Finish  Beige  $540



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