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Tentsmiths’ Online Order Form

“Online Order Form”, that’s really not true is it?  This isn’t a “shopping cart” and we don’t want your bank card number… yet.  What this really is a “purchase request”.  By that we mean, a description of the tent(s) you’d like to purchase and all of the pertinent information to get it to you.  We take this information and prepare a description of your purchase and get it all priced out for you in detail.  If we have your email address and we don’t have any questions, we’ll email an estimate to you.  If we do have questions we’ll email or call to ask them.  Once you’ve looked over the estimate we’ll speak with you by phone to complete the order with your card number or your mailed check or money order.  Nothing is cashed, deposited or charged until the day the tent(s) is mailed.  It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s good for you!

When you submit an online order, we will respond as soon as possible with any questions we have regarding your order. It is often easiest to do this over the phone. Providing a day time phone number will expedite the submission of your order.

Please provide the details of your project below:

Order Form

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