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Options for Marquees

The marquees and pavilions that we make have many features in common. Whether large or small, rectangular or round, they are all variations on the same theme.

TRIM EDGE, or “scalloping” as we call it, has three basic shapes and is available in a variety of acrylic braid trim colors.

ScarletScarlet Navy BlueNavy Forest GreenForest Green BlackBlack GoldGold
BurgundyBurgandy Slate BlueSlate Blue Emerald GreenEmerald Green BrownBrown TealTeal
Terra CottaTerra Cotta Royal BlueRoyal Blue Medium BlueMedium Blue PlumPlum PinkPink

Options for Pavilions and Marqees

MUD FLAPS are standard on all walls. The standard width on the mud flap is 10″.  Some vendors have requested we remove the mud flaps so as to allow walls to be more easily put up or taken down without moving poles, because on square and rectangular marquees the perimeter poles do rest on the mud flap. Some customers go with the segmented mud flaps if they want the protection and convenience.   We are happy to do this.

Segmented Mud Flaps ~~ ADD:  6%

DOORS are usually located in the center of the long side of any marquee. Two doors are standard but we are happy to add as many doors in any location you wish. This allows you to customize your living or selling area to fit your needs.

WALL SUSPENSION. We were the first to use the exterior scallop/ interior valance idea with our walls reaching up between the two to make a better weatherproof seal. A Brass snap hook at the top of the walls attaches to a “D” ring at the eaves. This system works.

Wooden ToggleWOODEN TOGGLES. Period marquees used a simple wooden toggle at the top of their wall and a loop at the eaves to suspend walls. We have replicated the wooden toggles we found in a 15th century Austrian marquee. We eliminate the interior valance and hang the walls directly from the eaves reinforcement. The wooden toggles are easy to use and add a great deal of atmosphere.

ROOF VENTING. Most marquees are “hip roofed” and you are standing partially in the roof. The heat is trapped and so are you. Opening both doors helps but a roof vent was, and is, the real solution. We knew we would eventually find a historic answer to our question and did, again in an Austrian tent roof. Basically an open hole with a canvas lattice to hold it together and a flap to close off the elements. We have made many different sizes for the coolest clients in camp.

Roof VentsLarge Roof Vent  18″ x 30″ Opening with 34″ x 56″ Closure Flap / Loops on Corners

Medium Roof Vent  15″ x 25″ Opening with 26″ x 35″ Closure Flap / Loops on Corners

Closed Roof VentsSLANT WALLS. Historically we have seen almost every shape marquee with both straight and slanted walls. Our marquees are available with optional slanted walls. The standard slant is 18 inches making the footprint of the tent 3 feet bigger in each dimension than the straight wall. We can, upon request, add even more slant.

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