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Officer’s Marquees

Officer's Marquee TentThe smallest of our marquees, this historic structure makes a grand statement. It’s small size makes it just right for a short camp for a couple or a great officers field camp. We have sold many more of these tents than we ever thought possible to folks who wanted the look of a round marquee without the major “footprint” a big tent needs. Two eight foot uprights and one six foot ridge are all the poles necessary for erection. Eighteenth century British officers were issued these tents for one or two men. We make them to the same standards and details as our round end marquees.

Two sizes are offered, one conforming closely to the original British design with low walls and high roof rise, the other modified with taller walls and shorter roof rise.

Sunforger Sunforger-Flame
14′ LONG, 8′ WIDE STRAIGHT    $760 STRAIGHT    $840
4′ WALLS, 8’PEAK SLANTED      $810 SLANTED      $880
14′ LONG, 8′ WIDE STRAIGHT    $760 STRAIGHT    $840
5′ WALLS, 8′ PEAK SLANTED*    $810 SLANTED*    $880

Please specify Trim Style & Color when ordering.

What will I need for my Officer’s Marquee?

(*Perimeter poles suggested)

RAISED DOORS ~ Increase the door height to allow easier entry. Historically, tents were modified for this effect. We slope the walls to fit the 6″ or 9″ additional height. Raised doors 6″ ~ $40 or    9″ ~ $55.

ROUND END ENTRY ~ This was sometimes used when tents were issued to two men or a liner tent was used (which was often the case). We change the shape a bit so a center end entry will work ~ $75

FLOORS ~ Even on a dry day, and especially at night, moisture rises from the ground into your tent. Canvas floors breathe too much and plastic sheeting is quite noisy. We began with a 15 oz. Beige woven poly-cotton fabric, treated it with a flame-retardant, and applied a vinyl finish for a vapor-barrier. Our flame-retardant, vapor-barrier floors add a great deal to the comfort level of your tent.

Slant Wall Floor ~ $253 / Straight Wall Floor ~ $151

AWNING ~ In order to eliminate rain run off over the doorway, we start our awning eight inches beyond the ridge line. The awning pitches from the ridge line, forward past the walls, to two poles supporting the front. The wings pitch off to the sides. This allows all the weather which would normally land on that side of the roof to now strike and run off the awning, leaving a wonderfully dry area at, and directly in front of, the door. ADD: Scallop edging to finish the awning.  Choose your style trim and color~$90

Sunforger Awning ~ $205 / Sunforger-Flame ~ $225

STRIPING ~ Add a personal touch to your Marquee! We can stripe your Marquee roof with one of our ten bold light weight fabrics. These 5″ wide stripes cover all the seams on the roof. Use one color or two for a striking look. Available Colors: Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Moss Green, and Gold

Striped Roof ~ $265

ROOF VENT ~ Roof Vent ~ $95



LARGE SET (3×3 stock ) ~  $204

SMALL SET  (2×4 stock )  ~  $100

OPTIONAL PERIMETER POLES  ( 2×2 stock)  ~  18 @ $15 each


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