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Forester Tents

Forester tentFORESTER TENT: Another tent style built with the outdoors in view and a fire in front, the Forester Tent was first used by Daniel Beard, the founder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Colonel Whelen describes it as “one of the best tents devised for the chronic woods loafer…who wishes to live close to nature and who objects to spending any of his outdoor hours confined in a closed canvas cell. The Forester Tent is the easiest and quickest to pitch…and with the exception of the Whelen lean-to, it is the easiest to warm with a campfire in front.”

The basic design is a sloped roof wedge tent with the front of the tent wider than the rear. The front is seven feet wide, six feet tall and open, while the rear is three feet wide, three feet tall, with a solid triangular wall. The length is about eight feet.

Forester Tent


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