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British Artillery Laboratory Tents

British Artillery TentThis tent comes directly from a drawing in Grose’s “Military Antiquities” of 1803. It is captioned as a British Artillery Laboratory Tent and is shown with a simple trim at the eaves and a very tall ridge line. It has been explained that these tents were used for the making of gunpowder with the interior divided into three sections. Apparently they could also house a gun gin if the need arose in inclement weather.

The tent measures 12’x 18’with a 10′ ridge height and 4′ walls. This drawing shows the tent with our optional fancy trim and optional gable entry in the eaves (not shown in Grose’s). We also have placed a vent in the ridge to rid the tent of any heat.

The doorway is usually placed in one of the ends. The walls are sewn to the top but may be made to be completely detachable, being hung with snaps and “D” rings or wooden toggles.

Our prototype has been in use for the last two years and although the poles are somewhat ungainly, the tent offers a unique look and great living space for a family.







Optional Fancy Trim



Removable Walls



Gable/Eave Entry



Large Roof Vent



Sleeves for Poles (each)

2  Verticals @ $35 each

Ridge @ $36


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