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Baker Tents

Baker TentThe poor baker tent, no tent has ever had more controversy over whether it is acceptable or not! We won’t make Fur Trade and earlier folks happy but we can add information that will dispel the myth that the tent was designed and used for bakers in the first World War. First, tent catalogs and woodsmanship books of the early 20th century contain fine descriptions and drawings. Second, Mr. Henry David Thoreau describes what can only be a Baker in a journal entry he made in 1853. He does not lead one to believe that it is a new style, just a warmer tent than he was using at the time which happened to be a wedge. He explains the name came from it’s similarity in appearance to a “Yankee Baker” or, as we call it today, a reflector oven!

“Bakers” are best suited for those folks looking for a traditional NORTHEAST late 19th Century canoeing tent or just someplace that they can sit in and be dry while they admire their fire.

Baker Tent





8’6″ deep/8’6″ wide/6′ tall

8’6″ awning/2′ rear wall



(opt. extended curtain)



8’6″ deep/11’3″ wide/7′ tall

8’6″ awning/3′ rear wall



(opt. extended curtain)



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