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Wall Tents

Wall tents are the best value for both the money they cost to purchase and the space they use when erected.  You can stand in most wall tents!  You can sit, visit and live without confining wall and hundreds of miles of guy lines. Wall tent are just plain, classic, great wilderness tents.  They are the tent of choice of most native people living in the bush today.  And the bush is where they shine brightest.  Not our first choice for a tent standing in a treeless, windy tundra location.

At present, we are building many sizes of lightweight wall tents.  All of our wall tents are built to stand with almost any pole configuration.  Interior pole setups (two uprights and a ridge pole) work great if you have the room to carry carefully sized and shaped poles.   The addition of grommets or loops along a 2 inch ridge flange allow the wall tent to be suspended from an exterior ridge pole or rope tied to our reinforced ridge.  Our placements of reinforced grommets or loops provide the security of knowing the overhanging eaves won’t collapse on you in the wind or snow.

A full 12” door overlap keeps the weather outside where it belongs.  The standard method of closing your doors is with fabric ties but we can add a zipper or velcro (or both).  A solid internal floor flap on each wall may be turned to the outside to become snow flaps around the bottom outside of the walls.  All loops are made from Sunforger treated 10 ounce army duck canvas or poly webbing (your choice) for durability.

All seams are double sewn flat felled for incredible strength.  There are not raw edges and everything that could wear is reinforced.  Nothing beats our design and construction techniques.

STOVE JACKS are MIL SPEC silicone fabric with a black ring shaped to fit tight to the pipe.  We will install a stove jack in a location specified by you.  A separate cover is “hook and looped” into position to the jack when the stove is not along for the trip. ~ $75

OPTIONS are many and varied; if you don’t see your wants listed here please speak to us directly at the time of order.

Second Door $70
Pocket on seam $30
Door Zipper $75
Door Velcro $75
Insect netting starting at $90 / end


A tent fly has traditionally been the only way to ensure a dry tent.  With this newest fabric finish that is not really necessary.  The best reason for a fly now is to keep acidic rain from reaching the tent roof and to add one more layer to the system to act as a baffle and hold heat longer.  You can also order your fly longer to give an overhang at the entry ensuring a drier doorway when the inevitable nasty weather gets there.

While it is best to speak to us regarding the size that will work best for your tent, a few ideas are worth considering before you place the order.  First, pick a tent that will give you just the space you need for your adventures.  No need to carry, find room for, or heat more tent than you need to.  If you are going to add a fly try to think of your tent as a system.  Walk through the tent in your mind a few times. Picture the tent set up in both ideal and “worst case” conditions.  What do you want your awning to do?  Just cover the roof for the heat baffling?  Maybe extent on the sides to allow runoff to miss the walls of the tent?  Extend out from each end to give a total weather hidden underneath with outside living space under the awning?  Or somewhere in between.  The choice will be yours.  Flys are priced individually on a square foot basis.  Talk to us for sizing and a quote.

Mud Flaps or Snow Flaps Included:    15” WIDE

2 Pockets included with each wall tent.  Extra Pockets:  $35

Choice of Stake Loops in:   NYLON, CANVAS OR EGYPTIAN COTTON


Width x Length Peak Walls Flame-Resistant
7’  x  9’ 7′ 1’ 6” $685
8’  x  9’ 7′ 1’ 6” $720
8’  x  9’ 7′ 2′ $792
8’  x 11’ 3” 7’ 2’ $990
9’  x   9’ 7′ 2′ $890
9’  x  9’ 8’ 2’ $930
9’  x  9’ 8′ 3’ $972
9’  x  11’3” 7′ 2′ $1,113
9’  x  11’ 3” 8′ 2’ $1,165
9’  x  11’ 3” 8′ 3’ $1,215
11’ 3”  x 11’ 3” 8’ 2 $1,455
11’ 3”  x  11’ 3” 8’ 3’ $1,520
11’ 3”  x 11’ 3” 9’ 3’ $1,580
11’ 3”  x 13’ 4” 8’ 2’ $1,724
11’ 3  x  13’ 4” 8’ 3’ $1,800
11’ 3” x 13’ 4” 9’ 3’ $1,875
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