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Top of the World Tent

Egyptian Cotton Top Of The World Tent

We are not making this style tent any longer.  Thank you.

Outer Tent 17′ Diameter 8′ Height $960
Inner Tent 12′ Diameter 8′ Height 20′ walls $725

Native people above the 45th parallel all around the world have used and continue to use conical tents. The Chuchis, Sami, Cree, Naskapi, and Inuit all use the conical shape to survive. Constructed from skins draped over poles, the conical tent is the ideal shape to combat intense winds and heavy snow loads. Additionally, as a cone, it is the easiest structure to heat. As 18th century reenactors, we have lived for short periods in conical tents with open fires. They work!

We have altered the conical design to use a stove as the heat source. Our “Top of the World” is a double tent – literally one tent inside another. The outer tent is a full 17′ diameter cone with a generous overlap door. This shape always presents a slope to the wind, and therefore will never blow over. The inner tent is another conical, although this 12′ diameter caone has 20″ walls and a sod flap at the bottom of the wall.

With only twelve stakes and a single pole, erection of this tent is short and simple. This totally enclosed living environment can be heated with a very small stove and the insulating affect of the double tent will keep the heat in.

STOVE JACKS (Yes, two!) $55 each

Remember, the “Top of the World” tent is two complete tents and is built to be used as such if you choose!

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