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Snow/Explorer Tent

Egyptian Cotton SnowKephart’s Snow tent and Abercrombie’s Explorer/Cruiser tents are all variations on the same theme – a square, or relatively square, floor with a peaked roof and short ridge line at the door end. This is a great two (or more) person tent, but should only be used for applications not requiring a stove. The tent is steep sided with short walls in the back; parrels on the sides provide extra interior room. The front peak affords enough space to stand while dressing – always a plus.

We make this tent with either a snow tunnel entrance (shown right), a slit overlap door (not shown), or a slit overlap door with a short awning (shown left).

With numerous setup configurations available, this tent is suitable for erection in any number of spaces. Your camp may allow you to rig a pole system, either internal or external, or you may need to suspend it between trees. This versatile tent is sure to accomodate.

This is a fine closed system tent – one of the few where we would consider using a sewn in floor.

Depth Width Height Door Type
7’6″ 7’6″ 7′ Tunnel $530
7’6″ 7’6″ 7′ Overlap $545
7’6″ 7’6″ 7′ Overlap/Awning $600
10′ 10′ 7’6″ Tunnel $695
10′ 10′ 7’6″ Overlap $705
10′ 10′ 7’6″ Overlap/Awning $750
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