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Wedge Tent

Egyptian Cotton Wedge Tent

This appears to be the one tent in history that is hard to improve upon.  With no needed guy lines, a small footprint, the ability to be erected with an interior or exterior suspension system and a triangular shape for strength, this design has everything except head space.  Historically recommended for those trips where camp must be changed often, this tent goes up quickly and efficiently.  We build all of our “light” wedges with a two inch flange running along the ridge with grommets every few inches to tie off to a suspension line or an exterior ridge pole.  Overlapping doors tying inside and out keep the weather where it belongs.  Zippers and Velcro for the door openings are a n option.  A complete set of floor flaps or snow flaps are sewn around the perimeter of the walls to secure the tent to the ground.  Parrels placed on the side panels give the tent even more room inside.  Stake locations can be accommodated with either loops or grommets.

Many sizes can be made to accommodate any needs.  Rutstrum swore by this style tent as the most efficient available.  His suggestion was for an outer tent with an air space to an inner tent making a very warm interior.  It’s hard to beat this classic.

STOVE JACKS are MIL SPEC silicone fabric with a black silicone ring shaped to fit tight to the pipe.  We will install a stove jack in a location specified by you.  A separate cover is “hook and looped” into position to the jack when the stove is not along for the trip. ~ $75

Door Zipper ~ $75
Door Velcro ~ $75


Width Length Height Price
7′ 7’ 7′ $510
7′ 9′ 6″ 7′ $610
9′ 6” 9′ 6” 8′ $730
8′ 9′ 6″ 7′ $1420
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