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Miner’s / Herder’s / Pyramid tents

Egyptian Cotton Miners Tent

Floor Height Walls Price
9’ x 9’ 7′ n/a $675
11’3” x 11’ 3” 8′ n/a $935
9’ x 9’ 8’ 2’ $780
11’ 3” x 11’ 3” 8’ 2’ $1,045

History reminds us of a fellow in the 18th century trying to get the British army to accept this design as a bivouac tent to be issued to four soldiers.  He intended it to be held in place with bayonets for tent stakes and a Brown Bess Musket for a pole!  The British army didn’t go for it but you can hardly blame him for trying, it is a great design for fast setup, has a very efficient footprint, great in the wind and would have made him a fortune.

We make the pyramid copying ideas of David Abercrombie in the early 1970’s (sounds modern to us).  The door overlaps a full 12 inches and uses fabric webbing to secure closed.  We can add velcro, a zipper or both to completely seal the door overlap.  Snow flaps are placed on the bottom of each wall such that they can be used either inside or outside of the tent.  Your choice of canvas loops or grommets at the stake positions and the guyline positions.  The peak is standard with a solid reinforcement for an interior pole with the option of a loop sewn to the outside.  Reinforcements are placed along every ridge line to ensure the tent keeps its shape.

For even more useable floor space we have Pyramids with short walls.  The tradeoff is that walls add to the erection time and take up more ground space.  Even with the walls, the tent can be reefed to the eaves in an emergency setup situation with the roof guy loops serving as stake loops. The smaller interior can now go up faster and heat more efficiently.  This is the perfect place for an adjustable center pole.

STOVE JACKS are MIL SPEC silicone fabric with a black silicone ring shaped to fit tight to the pipe.  We will install a stove jack in a location specified by you.  A separate cover is “hook and looped” into position to the jack when the stove is not along for the trip.  $75

Door Zipper $75
Door Velcro $75
Peak Loop $20
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