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Baker Tents

Egyptian Cotton Tarps

The first mention of this tent in any writing we can locate was Thoreau in his Maine Woods, in 1853.  He describes a tent being used by some nearby campers as “similar to a yankee baker”, a reflector oven.  He was envious of the occupant’s obvious warmer environment.  The design continues to be popular with outdoor writers even today.  Mason extols its virtues, albeit a more elaborate version, for many pages.

One would presume, with such a following, the design has no flaws.  For forest travelers with plenty of trees to tie off to, the sled runner where bulk is not an issue or the canoe person willing to tote extra baggage over the portage, this is a wonderful tent to admire scenery from.  It is, however, pole and rope hungry and appearance of half-a-tent is exactly that, a non-triangulated design with no inherent stability.  We build a simple, early version of the design with floor flaps and an abundant front awning.  Open in front and able to be erected with either interior poles or from the exterior with ropes, poles or both.

7′  x  7’ 7′ high 2′ 6” rear wall $675
9’  x  7’ 7′ high 2’ 6” rear wall $710
7’  x  9’ 7’ high 2’ 6” rear wall $710
9’ x  9’ 7’ high 2’ 6” rear wall $770


Bug Netting to cover the front opening overlapping with ties in center $140
Zipper in center $180
Wings on sides able to ties under ridge to close off without dropping awning, ties to close $190
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