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The office at Tentsmiths will be closed February 1st to February 20th.  We are heading to Tucson to see family and take some long hikes.  We will not be answering emails at this time.  We will be sure to get in touch with you upon our return.  Best to you all.  Many Thanks!!!
 You have probably arrived here after listening to Tentsmiths tent owners extolling their tent’s virtues and suggesting you look no further. Or you placed “highest quality, historic, replicated tent” into the search engines and Tentsmiths kept leaping to the top of the listings. Or, somehow, you were surfing for something completely different and fate brought you here and you can’t turn away… these things are just too cool. We know, we build them, every one of them. Tentsmiths has been building tents for thirty three years and each one is hand built right here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire by elves. Ok, that’s not true, but they are cut out and built one at a time for each order and each client with all of the client’s wishes and parameters taken into account.Round End Entry Marquee Tent
At Tentsmiths we carefully construct well researched tents for museums, movies, reenactors, safari/ hunting camps and more. We even build homes. Some of our tents have been used for years by folks unwilling to accept hard walls for a home, while others have taken the trip to Haiti to house families whose walls no longer stand. We have even constructed tents for archeological digs in far off places. (Indiana Jones?) We’re known for our historical accuracy and uncompromising attention to structural detail. Our catalog is used throughout the industry as a research document. Yes, other companies try to copy us but it is our background in engineering, our passion for research and our personalities obsessed with perfectionism that separate Tentsmiths tents from any other.Over the years we have been contracted to build tents for prestigious, historic establishments such as the Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Valley Forge, Fortress Louisbourg and lots more. We’ve even spent a week in white gloves inspecting, measuring, observing and then replicating one of George Washington’s original marquees for Yorktown and the National Park Service. We have constructed tents for museum exhibitions all over the world, including Mr. Ripley’s tent which he lived in while collecting specimens for his “Believe It or Not” museums. Believe it or not!

While it says a great deal about our attention to historic detail being contracted to replicate tents for museums, it’s movies that give us the most colorful exposure. From “Last of the Mohicans” and “The Patriot” to “The Alamo” and the series “John Adams” we have been selected to replicate the canvas for the time periods and “feel” the set dressers are looking for. Tentsmiths is known in the movie industry as a company that gets it done right, on time and on budget. Unique in the movie production world.

Last, and certainly most, are the many reenactors we have housed in the last thirty three years. The Viking era through the Middle Ages, and now heavily into World War II, we have researched and built strong, long lasting historic tents that set the stage and cover the fields at all historic events in this country and around the world. Our clients are doing it all and Tentsmiths tents are providing historic structures to show off their personas and keep them weatherproof.

Please look through our offerings on these pages. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the future.

Peter & Deborah Marques


Makers of historical period tents

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